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Automatic Acquisition of US Citizenship for Children Born Abroad

When does a child born abroad acquire United States citizenship at birth? The Immigration and Nationality Acts specifies several circumstances when a baby born abroad acquires United States citizenship at birth, assuming the baby’s parents are...

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Prince Harry, Sixth in Line to the Throne, Steps Down as Senior Member of the Royal Family - What's Next?

By Kennedy Ruffin What do you have in common with a British Prince? Earlier this year, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced a change in their circumstances. They explained to the world their intention to step down as senior members of The Royal...

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Nhập Quốc Tịch Mỹ Có Lợi Ích Gì?

Một trong những câu hỏi và các thảo luận về di trú được đưa ra để bàn luận nhiều nhất thường xoay quanh các lợi ích của việc nhập tịch và trở thành...

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